DIY Blanket Ladder on a Budget

One of the big interior trends at the moment is blanket ladders, also known as decorative ladders. But with most going at a price of £30 and above, it seems like an expensive addition for something that isn’t very functional, and purely decorative.

My answer? DIY it!

You will need:

  • 3 lengths of wood (I won’t tell you how thick or long to go, as this will be entirely dependent on the style you want to go for)
  • Dowels
  • Wood glue
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint (optional)

Step One:

Decide the proportions of your ladder. I decided on 195cm high, with rungs 45cm apart. Mine is also 48cm wide (including the side pieces), so each rung was cut 45cm from the 3rd piece of wood.

Step Two:

Measure out and cut your ladder ‘rungs’ from the 3rd piece of wood. Then lay it out flat to measure and mark up where you will need to drill a hole, as I have below.

I marked up the height of each piece of wood, and then marked up the middle, and then the centre of the side pieces as above. This will be where I drill into the side piece. Repeat for all joins.

Step Three:

This is how it will look after drilling the hole. Not all the way through, just enough for a dowel to sit securely half in.

Step Four:

Mark up the centre of each ‘rung’ piece, and drill a hole in each end. The depth should be about half of the length of the dowel.

TIP: Mark using masking tape how far you need to drill!

Step Five:

Now time for assembly! Start with one side, and insert the wooden dowels, using wood glue on each section. Using another block of wood (so as not to damage your ladder), and a hammer, hammer down each rung to make sure each piece is securely in place. Then attach the other side, which is the most difficult bit, so it may be worth asking for help at this point, as it was quite frustrating alone!

Step Six:

Leave to dry, and when you’re ready, give it a lick of paint!

This was a pretty easy DIY! It was much cheaper to DIY this than purchase a ready made blanket ladder.

Though primarily they are decorative, and not very functional, I do really like adding these to a room, as they add a final touch.

It’s a very neat and stylish way to hang/tidy away your blankets as above, or perhaps plan out an outfit! It’s an easy thing to faff with and style to have a bit of a change around. I’m addicted to changing it regularly for an inexpensive new look.

What do you think?

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