Top 10 Tips for Decorating your Rented Home (Part 1)

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like you want it to! There are some landlords (and ladies!) out there who are willing to let you decorate your home how you want; but for those with a less than lenient landlord (like me!), I have put together some top tips to help you make it yours without risking your deposit.

Number One: Washi Tape Feature Wall

Washi tape is incredible stuff. Totally removable, leaving zero residue! Not only that, it’s very affordable, I spent less than a fiver on more than enough rolls to do this feature wall in my spare room. This means it’s the top, top stuff for us renters.

The possibilities are endless with it too, you could do a wall mural, decorate with stripes, decorate furniture or appliances too! Just get creative, it’s amazing!

Number Two: Sticky Back Plastic

Sticky back plastic, aka contact paper, aka fablon. The renter’s best friend.

Here is an example of where I have used it to cover some ugly tiles in my bathroom to be more in keeping with my style. Tutorial can be found here.

I took it one step further and I’ve also used it to cover up the fireplace to make it match my desired decor. The tutorial for how I did this is here.

There are SO many other ways to use contact paper that can totally transform a space, think worktops, table tops, appliances, cupboard doors. The list goes on forever!

Top tip: Upon removal, use a hairdryer to heat up the plastic a bit before trying to peel off.

Number Three: Gallery Wall

I introduce you to the wonders that are Command Strips! Have the gallery wall of your dreams in a totally rent friendly way! (This is just one of many, many uses for command strips and hooks!)

I love that a gallery wall adds so much to the look of a room, and shows off your personality in a big way! Plus, you bring it with you when you leave! I’ve done a whole blog post on how to put together a gallery wall on a budget here.

Number Four: Temporary Wallpaper

One way to cover those bland, magnolia walls is with temporary wallpaper. More and more varieties are now coming to market, making it ever more affordable too! It’s just peel and stick on your wall, and comes right off!

Another way to have removable wallpaper is like I’ve done above. I stuck standard wallpaper up in a removable way using painters tape and double sided tape! This is a less expensive option than temporary wallpaper. For the full tutorial, head on over to this blog post.

Number Five: Plants

Either real or faux, bringing greenery into your home instantly adds life to a space! Plants are affordable, yet effective at creating a warmer, more homely feel, so perfect for renters. Never underestimate the power of plants!

Number Six: Floating Shelf (Rent Friendly Edition)

A little shelfie goes a long way! This is a totally rent friendly shelf made from a plank of wood and jute rope, and put up with command hooks. As long as you don’t add too much weight to the shelf, you’re good to go! Just stick to the maximum weight that the command hooks can hold. This little shelf really finished off the downstairs loo; small shelf, big impact! Full tutorial on how to make it coming soon.

Number Seven: Decal Feature Wall

Decal stickers are a great way to mimic wallpaper, without the permanence of it. You can add a tonne of personality with these totally removable, and affordable stickers in any room! Ebay, Etsy and Amazon are all good sites to try.

An even cheaper option is DIY decals from sticky back plastic, if you’re up for spending a little more time on it like the dalmatian wall above! For a more in depth tutorial on this, head here.

Top tip: Use a hairdryer when removing to make it a lot easier to get them off the wall.

Eight: Rugs!

It seems most rented homes have hideous and grubby carpets, unless you’re one of the lucky ones! The best solution is to cover these with rugs! Though not the cheapest of options, it does so much to a room, not only making it more cosy, it adds a lot of style.

Other benefits are that you get to take the rugs with you when you move out, and while you’re there you’re protecting the flooring too! Anything to keep your deposit!

Number Nine: Your Own Style Furniture

One thing that can completely change a room is the furniture in it. Adding your own furniture style can have a big impact. For example, I adore upcycled furniture as it adds an element of intrigue and breathes new life into old pieces. To make your rented home feel like your home, add furniture that reflects your style!

For those furnished homes, don’t be discouraged. Textiles are one way you can change an existing piece. Another option is using sticky back plastic to change up a piece of furniture, in a totally removable way!

Number Ten: Shelfie

Last but not least, I give you the shelfie! Here I’ve used free standing shelving units and displayed my favourite things in a stylised way. This can add so much impact to a room, and really shows off your personality and decor style. As the bookshelves are freestanding, this is a totally rent friendly way to make that home yours. You can even take it further and decorate the shelves with wallpaper or sticky back plastic to add some bright colours or patterns too!

Any other existing shelves in your rented home can also be adorned with your favourite books and items to really show off your decor style.

I have a blog post about how to do a shelfie if you wanted some ideas, which is here.


So there you are! This is by no means an exhaustive list, I have so much more to come! I hope it has been helpful and perhaps I’ve inspired you to try one of these ideas!

Just remember, just because you rent, it doens’t mean it can’t be your home. There are so many ways to ensure your home reflects you and your personality without risking your deposit, you just have to think outside the box!

If you do give any of these a go, I’d love to see! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @budgethomeinteriordesign and you share with me using #thisbudgethome, I’d love to see your creations!

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