Top 10 Budget Ways To Make a House a Home

One thing I can tell you about me is that I am without a doubt, stingy by nature.

However, when I first moved into my house, I moved in with no furniture and very little money, so I had no choice but to be stingy! This meant I had to get creative with how I made it feel like my home without breaking the bank! Not to mention that I rent, so many things were out of the question like painting the walls.

So I thought I would share my top 10 tips on how I’ve made my house a home on a budget.

Number One: Shop Second Hand

There are loads of places these days where you can buy second hand; Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and of course second hand shops themselves. I’ve found the majority of my furniture on these sites. Some items I’ve purchased as a ‘for now’, and some I genuinely prefer the vintage upcycled look. You can make it yours by updating these pieces with chalk paint (or any furniture paint), to bring pieces back to life, adding flair and personality to suit your home. Here are some pieces I’ve got second hand:

This coffee table was an £8 bargain from Gumtree. Previously cream, I updated it with white chalk paint so it would match my other pieces.
This table and chairs set was a little worse for wear when purchased for £25! But nothing a lick of paint can’t solve. Similar sets go for in excess of £150!

Make sure you shop around, take a look and be patient, the right thing will eventually pop up!

Number Two: Textiles

Cushions, throws and rugs can add some much needed warmth to a room. You can make it yours by applying a colour scheme, pops of colour or going for something quirky. Whatever your style they make a huge difference to the overall feel of a room.

For example, I love the monochrome look, the mash of vintage meets modern, and my house reflects that. Bringing in the textiles to compliment this look brings more cosiness to the look and feel and so makes it feel more like a home than just a house you rent.

In the bedroom, bedding can also work in the same way. Pick bedding that matches the colour scheme, adds some colour. The bed is the focal point in the bedroom, so getting that right allows the rest of the room to feel naturally better already. Clearly I’m a big fan of cushions, they are everywhere!

Number Three: Feature Walls (Rent Friendly Edition)

Just because I can’t paint or wallpaper hasn’t stopped me from adding my own personal touch to my home. In the downstairs bathroom I’ve created a feature wall with sticky back plastic (tutorial here), which certainly adds a wow factor to a small room!

In my spare room my feature wall is made with washi tape, much more interesting and personal to me. The tutorial for this is found here.

Another option I’m yet to try is removable wallpaper… I’m sure I’ll get around to it soon!

Number Four: Wall Art

If you don’t know by now, I’m a massive fan of a gallery wall. Even renting you can have this by using command strips to put up your art work! With free printables out there on Pinterest, cheap digital prints on Etsy (support those little businesses!), it’s super easy and inexpensive to create a personalised homely look! Having photos about as well of course adds a homely feel to any house.

I’ve done a whole blog post on how to do a gallery wall, if you’re interested take a look here!

Number Five: Add Some Greenery

Real or fake, they can really help complete a room. I have hanging plants, draping plants, plants on shelves, plants on the floor.. literally everywhere! I clearly have a huge passion for my indoor plants (32 and counting!). But the reason is because any addition of green can instantly add some life to a space. (Even my monochrome home!)

There is also so much choice out there too so you can go as wild as you want! I’ve made plant stands for mine to help make them more of a feature (DIY here).

Number Six: Shelf Decor

Filled with books and your favourite pieces, this can be a budget friendly way to add some personality to a room.

Though I have a whole blog post on this here, some top budget tips from it are spray painting items to match the colour scheme, stacking books aesthetically, printables (some free on Pinterest), and vintage finds!

Number Seven: Accessorise!

Not just for fashion! Your home needs accessorising too! Look for things like clocks, mirrors, candles and ornaments. All of these little things make such a big difference to a home. And if you shop around, you’ll find some big bargains about!

Small and well curated items make all the difference, and I quite like to change these up regularly, or ‘shop my home’ (moving things from room to room), to keep things fresh and feeling new. This is quite an easy budget friendly option!

Number Eight: Lighting

Thinking about it, I’m not sure why I’ve put this one so low down! Lighting is so important when making a house feel like a home, as creating the right ambience can make all the difference. For example, I always try and have a few smaller table lamps dotted about both for stylistic reasons, and to adapt the light in the room better.

I would also recommend investing in a nice floor lamp (mine seen below was from the Bargain Corner in Ikea for over half price!). Using a floor lamp rather than the overhead ceiling light I feel instantly makes a room feel cosier! When I first moved in I bought 2nd hand floor lamps to keep it low budget, but still allows me to achieve this.

Number Nine: Window Dressing

One of the biggest and easiest things you can do to add instant homeliness to a room is by adding curtains or blinds. It adds a bit of both visual and literal warmth and cosiness to a room. There are so many high street stores and supermarkets now that have really beautiful and affordable options!

Unfortunately for me, the ceilings are nearly 3m high in this house, so I had to DIY mine! This will be a future tutorial as it was very cheap and easy to do!

Number Ten: Everything Has Its Place…

Sorry the last one isn’t the most interesting! Out of all of these tips, this was the one I underestimated the most.

Room by room I’ve blitzed ruthlessly through what I do and don’t need to rid myself of any unnecessary clutter. It’s so easy to get into the habit of not doing it, (I am so guilty) but by everything having a place to be tidied away to, your home will feel clean, tidy and in fact cosier as it will be clutter free. This is entirely budget friendly as you won’t be spending a penny, you may actually make money if you decide to sell off some of that clutter.

My bathroom was the best example for me, it didn’t feel like ‘my bathroom’ for a long time, I had a pile of boxes and bags that I put off sorting through for months and months. it was only when I finally sorted through it, did my bathroom feel way more homely, and a place I enjoyed being in. (I will eventually have a daytime picture of this!) Much less stressful, a peaceful environment. A tidy house is a tidy mind after all!

Overall, surround yourself with things that make you happy. A house is a home when it reflects the people living in it!

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