What is this about?

Hello and welcome. I am glad I have piqued your interest.

My name is Natalie and in a nutshell, this blog is to be all about interiors, in particular rent friendly interiors on a budget.

Now I won’t pretend to be the best or most eloquent of writers, but I am an inspired one. I am passionate about sharing my love for interior design and not spending that much money to do it.

In a world where owning a house seems a step further and further away for the average person, and purse strings getting ever tighter; having a nice, personalised home seems a stretch too far. But worry not, I’ll be trying and testing out the weird and the wonderful, showing you all the budget friendly ways to get the home you want, without risking your deposit!

So stay tuned for future tutorials, ideas, top 10’s featuring my own rented house, if you’re interested in making your house a home!

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