Gallery Walls: 101

You may be thinking… “she knows I live in a rented house, right? I can’t be hammering nails into the walls willy-nilly!”

Well just bear with me on this one.

Gallery walls, or wall art in general is one of my most favourite of ways to add flair and personality into my home. It really is a fun and budget friendly way to wow! And let me tell you how. (Ha, that rhymed!)

Command. Strips.

I must add that there are other brands, and I am in no way advertising for Command Strips, but I love, love, love them!! They’re totally removable, leaving no trace or marks on the wall, so you can totally go mad!

The prints themselves don’t have to be expensive either. The above image is a segment of the gallery wall in my living room. Some are from specialist wall art websites, but most are totally free. Pinterest has hundreds to choose from to your own personal style and taste, you just get creative!

But where do I get started?

I was inspired by just one print I adored, and decided to go from there. But you may have a certain colour theme in mind (clearly I love monochrome..) or perhaps you like flowers, or buildings or landscapes. There is plenty of inspiration to go off on Instagram or Pinterest for example.

But whatever you do, don’t get sticking until you have a plan!

I started with deciding on the layout before I chose my images. I took the one image I had decided on, and drafted the wall layout on my computer. When I had started coming up with ideas for what other images I liked, I added it to the mock wall to see how it looked altogether.

I changed my mind a lot. Doing it this way saved money as I didn’t buy prints I didn’t end up using.

I even drafted out on the actual wall using masking tape to see how it would look in real life. This way I didn’t invest in the wrong size frames either.

It was worth taking my time with it, mapping it out, really being sure about my investment pieces, and making sure it all worked well together. This meant I wasn’t disappointed with the final product, and didn’t waste any money!

This is just one of many gallery walls throughout my home. I love that it’s such a statement, didn’t cost the Earth and can safely do it in my rented home.

If you give this a go, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @budgethomeinteriordesign and that you tag it with #thisbudgethome on Instagram to show me your designs!

Keep posted for more tips and tricks!

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