Bland walls? No problem.

No longer do you need to accept bland magnolia walls as a life sentence!

For renters and non-committal home-owners alike, I give you the Washi tape wall!

No, this is not a wallpaper, and it cost me less than a fiver to create this look!

Washi tape I swear is one of the best inventions. Ever. It is an extremely affordable, low tack, paper-like tape available in a wide range of colours. AKA perfect to personalise rented homes!

I made many, many mistakes when putting this up, re-did and re-did sections until it looked just right, but that was totally fine as it still stuck back perfectly and without any damage to the wall whatsoever!

I’m so happy with the finished product, I’m tempted to washi tape the rest of the house!

Obviously there are SO MANY more ways you can create the feature wall of your dreams with this fabulous tape. I played about with so many before deciding on this geometric route. Have fun with it, and perhaps even imitate those super expensive wallpapers you could only dream of before! (Without the commitment!) The more complicated looks may just need a little more patience…

If anyone is interested which tape I used, it was MT Slim 6mm Matte Black Washi Masking Tape purchased from

If you have a go, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @budgethomeinteriordesign and you share with me using #thisbudgethome, I’d love to see your creations!

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Until next time my loves xx

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